Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now ( cover by Andreea Munteanu & Andrei Cerbu )

Lovely (cover by Albina and Filip at the voice)

What a Feeling (cover by Andreea Munteanu)

Saupoudrons un peu de ”beautées” dans ce monde de dégénérés.

on Sharp Dressed Man (cover by Marcus Nembler)

We don’t need vaxx1nation (on Another brick in the wall)

We don’t need no vaxxination

We don’t need no mask control

No social distance, isolation

We don’t need state control


I will Survive (cover by Andreea Munteanu)

What a wonderful world ( two different version)

By Marcus Nimbler

By The Ramones

Are you Ready for the Trump’s Big Surprise (A premonitory humour)

It’s humor today but it will be true very soon.